Lent 2021

Lent 2021 in the North Cheltenham Team Ministry


This lent we are running a team-wide Alpha course to introduce people to the foundations of Christianity. Using specially made resources from Alpha we want to use Zoom to host this course. Could you be part of the team that would help deliver this course? It will involve a little bit of team training online so we are all able to provide the best experience possible for those who want to join in.

This begins on Tuesday 16th February 2021 via Zoom at 8.00 pm and runs for 8 weeks. You can join any time during the 8 weeks.

For more information go to Alpha online

LENT - Something rather different. '40 days with God's creatures' is a free, new lent course which is available through the Christian animal welfare group SARX with daily reflections and prayers on the subject of ALL of God's creatures and their place in His Kingdom. To check out the promotional video visit https://sarx.org.uk/latest-news/40daysguide/

There you will also see a link to download the app or get it on google play. Alternatively, you may access the course through your web browser at www.40dayswithgodscreatures.org

NCTM LENT JOURNEY (scroll down for more information and daily posts)

Following the success of the Holy Family’s journey through our Team during Advent, followed by many on social media we will be posting daily throughout Lent, starting on Monday 22nd February – ‘Essentials for the Journey’. There will be a different theme each week: Week 1: Compass – finding direction, Week 2: Nourishment – keeping going, Week 3: Light – gaining wisdom, Week 4: Shelter – finding security, Week 5: Water – finding refreshment, Week 6: Holy Week.

On a Sunday, we will post a reading.

On a Monday, we will post a photo or video and ask you to share your photos with us (Media Monday)

On a Tuesday, we will post a link to some music for you to listen to and reflect on (Tune Tuesday)

On a Wednesday, we will post a suggestion for something for you to do outside (Wild Wednesday)

On a Thursday, we will post a craft suggestion for you to make and post your finished article (Craft Thursday)

On a Friday, we will post a recipe or food suggestions (Food Friday)

On a Saturday, we will post a suggestion of a game for you to play as a family, with a solo version too (Game Saturday)

All these will be linked to the weekly theme. We look forward to interacting on social media with you as we all journey through Lent. Please ‘like’ our Facebook and Instagram pages to get involved. We will hopefully put these on our website too for those who don’t have social media, but would like to see what we are doing. For more information, please contact Kate on admin@northchelt.org.uk

See below for the first posts from Instagram and Facebook

See NCTM Lent Journey Week 1 for last week's activities and pictures

Bible Reading Sunday: 28th February 2021

Bible reading Sunday: NOURISHMENT: it’s time to unveil our new theme for the week! This week will be all about nourishment and keeping going. For our passage this Sunday we have chosen John 6:35. Take a read and a reflect of this verse before going to bed tonight, or whenever you find yourself looking at this post. Take courage in the knowledge that God will always provide nourishment for you.

“Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

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Imposition of Ashes and Eucharist for Ash Wednesday (17th February 2021) from St Nicolas

Imposition of Ashes and Eucharist for Ash Wednesday (17th February 2021) from All Saints

Father Robert's Sermon from Ash Wednesday at St Nicolas

Fr Alex Bennett's Homily - Ash Wednesday service at All Saints