St Mary Magdalene

Situated in the hamlet of Elmstone Hardwicke we welcome you to join us for any of our services. The church plays and active part in village life, and organises events throughout the year.

Regular Service & Events


10:45am - Holy Communion in modern language apart from the first Sunday of the month when communion is according to the Book of Common Prayer (until the end of May 2021)

From the beginning of June the Sunday service pattern will be:

1st Sunday of the Month: Holy Communion

2nd Sunday of the Month: Family service (no Communion)

3rd Sunday of the Month: Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer

4th Sunday of the Month: Family service (no Communion)

From the beginning of June, on months where there is a fifth Sunday our service will be a special seasonal service. Information about this will appear in our News Sheet.


We successfully rounded up all the sheep in 2020, with lots of help from all of you - you know who you are!

We now have just discovered that people have been leaving farm gates open and the sheep are again wandering off - we need your help!!!

Start by downloading a copy of the Lost Sheep 21 and designing it. you have until Friday 23 July 2021 to complete it and enter it. A suggested donation of £1 per sheep (all money going to keep the church open) would be baa-rilliant!

St Mary Magdalene

The Green

Elmstone Hardwicke

GL51 9TJ

We are very grateful to all those who made the restoration of our roof possible especially the Roof Repair Fund. Click here to see the report.

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