We hope that you enjoy exploring baptisms 


We hope you will find loads of helpful information which will help you plan for the big day and answer any questions you might have. Baptism is available for anyone in the parish. Whether you are looking at baptism for yourself or you are trying to find out information for a baptism of a baby. 

Below you will find What is a baptism? What actually happens in the service? How do I choose a Godparent? What do I do as a godparent?

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How do I book a baptism? 

We are so excited that you want to look at baptism with us. During their baptism a child will be baptized with water.  It is the start of an amazing journey will last throughout their lives.  We would love to talk to you more. 

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What is a baptism (also known as a Christening)?

Lots of people have probably heard about Christenings and look forward to having a good party to celebrate the arrival of a new child in the family.  We want to join you in this amazing time in your life by helping make it especially joyful and significant. By looking at baptism for your child you are about to begin an exciting journey. Your child is precious to you and they are also precious to God. 

Baptism is a special part of the service where we say thank you to God for the gift of your child and to start them on a journey of faith. 

This is the start of a faith journey for your child. It is a special moment when you get to say that your child will grow up in the family of the church and in the knowledge of God.

What if I am looking for something which is not so religious?

We want to celebrate the birth of your child and if the baptism services seems a bit too much for you at this time then we can also offer a service of Thanksgiving.  More information further down the page.  

What actually happens in the service?


The vicar will welcome everyone and especially the child who will be baptised and their family. There will be a Bible reading and the vicar will also talk about what baptism means.

The Promises

The parents and the godparents will make some important promises for the child in the service. Mor details below.

The Sign

In many of our churches, a special oil may be used to make the sign of a cross on the child's forehead. It's a significant moment,  which marks the child as belonging to God. 

The vicar will say, "Christ claims you as his own. Receive the sign of the cross"

The Water

Was which is blessed in the church's font will be poured over the child's head by the vicar. It is a sign of new beginnings and becoming part of God's family. 

The vicar says, "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."


The vicar, or someone else from the church, will pray for the child and all those who will support them in the journey of faith. Everyone in the service also welcomes the child into the family of the church. 

The Candle

A candle is lit and given for the child at the end of the baptism with the words, "...Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God". 

How do I choose a godparent?

Choosing the right people as godparents for your child is a big decision.  Here are some key things which might help you decide:

If you have any other questions then please feel free to get in touch.

What do I do as a godparent?

Godparents are among the most important people at a christening, who make big promises to encourage their godchild to grow in faith and commit to helping them understand how to live their life in a Christian way.

Alongside your godchild’s parents, you will

It’s a demanding role, but help is always at hand, through your church, online, and of course from God, who will bless all you do to help your godchild.

Service of Thanksgiving

There is a special, but simple, service of thanksgiving, which is a lovely time when you can be with friends and family, ask for God’s blessing and pray for your baby. It’s different from a christening so read on to discover whether this is something to explore further with your local church.

This service is a special church service, different from a christening, but can be a great way to say thank you to God for your child. 

It is called 'Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child and you can view the words of this service just here

It’s possible to have this service instead of a christening if you decide that now isn’t the right time to have your child baptized. Or, you could even have the Thanksgiving service as well as a christening. You might also choose this service when your baby is just born, or if you have adopted a child into your family and you simply want to celebrate this with special words said by a vicar in church.

Whatever the reason, your vicar will be delighted to talk to you about this service.