Welcome to our family-focused group

At 'Celebrate!' we welcome people from all walks of life and anyone aged between 0-100. We offer an informal and creative opportunity for your family to worship together.

During these extremely unusual times we have decided to move our service to zoom.

SUNDAY'S 16:30

Meeting ID: 836 6365 5447

Passcode: 788286

Wednesday Craft Along

On Thursday we gather on Zoom and bring any crafting things we might have and make something on the same theme.


Meeting ID: 886 3916 6571

Passcode: 157238

When we were in back in St. Mary's Church

Celebrate! will be running sessions over a few weeks each month. Each session is based on our monthly theme and will be repeated each week. This enables us to give families the ability to have the same experience as everyone else without the worry of trying to get all the families in the same building in a way which might not be safe.

What does a session look like?

We set up six tables in the church which are exceeding the social distancing guidelines and allows you and your family to have the assurance of your own safe space whilst attending Celebrate!

Everything that you and your bubble will need for the session will be waiting for you on the table. There will be crafts, and other creative things things for everyone to join in with. The team will lead the service from the center of the church at a safe distance.

We would love nothing more than to come around and speak to you all at a distance whilst you attend as we would love to get to know you more. However, following that latest and safest advice we will be keeping our distance to allow you and your family the safest possible experience whilst you are with us. Our Facebook group is a fantastic space for everyone to chat and share during, before, and after the service. Upload your photo's and thoughts for everyone to enjoy!

Celebrate! is the family service at St Mary's Prestbury.

A little bit of history about Celebrate!

Celebrate began in 2004 and has a regular congregation of about 70 people aged from 0 - 80!! Over the years it has grown and developed in different ways.

Nothing has caused us to look at things more differently than the Corona Virus. We moved online and created an opportunity for people to have a shared worship experience via YouTube.

Now that we are back in the building we are continuing to have a reduced online service.

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