Welcome to our family-focused group

At 'Celebrate!' we welcome people from all walks of life and anyone aged between 0-100. We offer an informal and creative opportunity for your family to worship together.

What are we doing at the moment?

From now until the summer we are having some picnics so we can start seeing each other face to face again. From May 17th groups of up to 30 (we are limited to groups of 30 people so will be using Eventbrite to book tickets) are allowed to start meeting outside. We will be meeting at St Nicolas Church. This has a great green space behind the church, a carpark, and toilets with baby changing mats.

Bring your own picnic and enjoy hanging out with others again. We may have some story-telling and if your unlucky Revd Tom might even grab his guitar for a bit of a sing-song with the family.

To book tickets, please see below

July 18th: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/157016315025

What happens after the Summer?

We are looking at exciting possibilities for what will be happening with Celebrate beyond August but we are thinking creatively and will let you know soon when we have more secure plans.

If you want to talk about Celebrate! further then please contact Revd Tom on tom.cook@northchelt.org.uk or call 07539 551 398

Celebrate! is the family service at St Mary's Prestbury.

A little bit of history about Celebrate!

Celebrate began in 2004 and has a regular congregation of about 70 people aged from 0 - 80!! Over the years it has grown and developed in different ways.

Nothing has caused us to look at things more differently than the Corona Virus. We moved online and created an opportunity for people to have a shared worship experience via YouTube.

Now that we are back in the building we are continuing to have a reduced online service.

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