St Mary's

Situated in the heart of Prestbury village, our worship offers a variety of styles, from the quiet said Eucharist, to the lively informal Celebrate! service and our Sung Eucharist with robed choir, servers and incense.

Regular Service & Events


8.00am - Said Eucharist

11.00 am - Sung Eucharist -followed by refreshments

6.30 pm - Evening Prayer

The second Sunday of each month this will be Benediction


12.15pm - Eucharist - currently suspended


10.30 am - Coffee Drop In - currently suspended


6.00 pm - Eucharist - currently suspended


10.30am - Said Eucharist -followed by refreshments


9.30am - Eucharist - currently suspended

5.30pm - Eucharist (alternates every other week with All Saints) - currently suspended

Upcoming Events

FRIENDS OF ST MARY’S EVENTS are continuing over the Summer months, with the Café Concerts on the fourth Wednesday of each month 10am-12 noon, next concert is Wednesday 25th August 2021, with the next taking place on Wednesday 22nd September 2021.

Details: John McElroy is an organist at All Saints church and has been using Covid lockdown to practice piano music which he enjoys and would now like to share with others. He will play in a Café style, so people can listen and also have the opportunity to chat and catch up in a relaxed atmosphere. The pieces include light classics, ragtime and popular music.

Donations to “Friends of St Mary’s Church” for its Fabric.

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There will be a Grand Book Swap on Saturday 21st August from 10am-12 noon. Please bring books for donation to St Mary’s from Monday 2nd August, then buy and have coffee on the Saturday.

David Lyle 01242 570453

St Mary's

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