This is a Cheltenham Deanery Course hosted by North Cheltenham Team Ministry

Session Information

Welcome to the Living in Love and Faith course

All around us we see changing understandings of human identity, changing patterns in relationships and families, changing sexual attitudes and activity. What does it mean for followers of Jesus to walk in love, faith and holiness today?

What does it mean to learn together as followers of Jesus Christ?

The aims of this session are

  • to get to know each other in our group

  • to explore how we can create a safe space for our learning together

  • to recognise the different ways that we learn as disciples of Jesus

  • to think about what is involved in learning about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

How does our identity in Christ relate to sex and gender?

The aims of this session are

  • to understand the Bible’s joyful vision of God’s purposes for human life and to receive it afresh ourselves

  • to explore questions of gender and identity in the light of the Christian faith

  • to meet followers of Jesus whose beliefs and experiences concerning gender and identity are different from ours.

What kinds of relationships does God call us to?

The aims of this session are

  • to understand how friendship and marriage have their roots in the Bible and the Church

  • to explore different views on friendship, civil partnerships and marriage in the Church and society today

  • to relate compassionately and respectfully to people with different views on relationships and marriage.

Where do our bodies and sex fit in to all of this?

The aims of this session are

  • to understand the Bible’s vision for the purpose of sexual relations

  • to explore the relationships between our bodies, intimacy and sex

  • to learn from each other’s insights, experiences and beliefs.

How do diversity and difference affect our life together as a church?

The aims of this session are

  • to reflect on what it means to be Christ’s people in the light of both the Bible and the realities of diversity and difference

  • to explore ways of approaching disagreements in the church about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage

  • to listen together for God’s call to the Church today

Online Details

We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to access the course as much as possible. Either joining in from your own home as an individual or as a group from your church.

Going Solo
If you want to join us but cannot find anyone who might want to join in with you then feel free to log on and join a group online. We hope that there will be enough people so you can chat with people on a zoom room. This is why booking will help us make sure everyone can engage meaningfully in the course.

Team Stream
We think that it would be great to get groups from different churches to meet within their own locations but join us online. This means when it comes to group discussions you can chat locally with people you feel comfortable with. Or, you can still chose to join us in person as a group if you would like.

Zoom Details
When you book in for your sessions the ZOOM details will be sent to you. We are hoping to have a ZOOM host who will be there to support all you questions and let the group know when there is feed back you want to share with the group.


Please follow this link to book yourself and others onto the course.


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