Following the recent move into our third Lockdown, the Government have said that churches are able to remain open for communal worship. This is provided that any person attending is:

  • Alone or

  • part of a group all from the same household or from two linked households (i.e. support bubble)

You must not join any other group or ‘mingle’ with any person from another group.

If you are in an 'at-risk' category for COVID-19 the Government advice is to stay at home as much as possible and observe social distancing guidance. Please bear this in mind before attending services at our churches. We do have online services every Sunday at either 9.30 am or 10.30 am, followed by virtual coffee on Zoom. We also have some evening prayer services online on a Tuesday at 6.30 pm, Wednesday at 8.30 pm and Thursday at 6.30 pm. If you would like to attend Church when there are fewer people, then please note we are open for Individual Private Prayer as listed further down this page.

With the lockdown in place, a reminder that people should attend only their local churches, however, we look forward to welcoming visitors from further afield once the lock-down restrictions are eased.

Another reminder that any volunteers at our services should not present themselves for duty if they are in the 'at-risk' category.

Please follow all guidance that is in place to keep you and others safe.

When you do attend for our Sunday services, please wear a face mask BEFORE entering the church, and keep this on for the duration of your time in Church. (A mandatory requirement as set out by the Government since the 8th August 2020. Part of the new rules, including the ‘Rule of 6’ introduced on Monday 14th September 2020 is that they are backed up in law, and breaking of the rules can now result in a scale of increasing fines, and even imprisonment.). A document will be available on our website from the Church of England, and also in our churches, regarding the wearing of face masks and who is exempt. This includes the clergy while they are taking a service, provided they are able to keep the 2 metre distance from you (therefore a mask will be worn by the clergy when they offer communion). Information regarding the wearing of face masks in Church. You will only be able to attend a service as a household/support bubble following the ‘Rule of 6’. There should be no mixing or ‘mingling’ between ‘bubbles’ while attending these services.

When you enter, please use the hand sanitiser available for your use.

Once in the Church, please sit where you are directed, either by the Sidespeople, or by the location of the service sheets, which have already been set out, keeping to the required social distance. Please DO NOT pick up the service sheets and move to another seat or place in the pews.

Before we were able to open our churches, the Clergy Team and Wardens spent a lot of time going through the guidelines and creating risk assessments to enable us to do so (as required by the Church of England and the Government).

We want to be able to keep our Churches open for private prayer and worship, and can only do this with your co-operation in following these guidelines.

There are new guidelines for places of worship that have been issued by the Government this week, which the Church of England are going through to amend their existing guidelines on their website, and any changes that are made will be implemented in the coming days as we receive them.

Thank you for your continued support in enabling us to offer private prayer and services.

We are endeavouring to keep in contact with you all through various platforms and by offering online services and prayers.

The situation is changing rapidly on a day to day basis and we have many outlets for information, therefore please refer to this page in the first instance for the latest information. You can view our latest news sheet online and also sign up to our mailing list.

Our services and events - we are able to remain open for our Sunday services and also for Individual Private Prayer

The North Cheltenham Team Ministry is following current Church of England advice which can be found by clicking here.

Three of our Churches are open for Private Prayer as follows:

St Mary’s Church, Prestbury will be open for private prayer:

Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am until 1.00 pm

All Saints Church, Pittville will be open for private prayer:

Wednesdays from 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm

Saturdays from 10.00 am until 12.00 noon

St Lawrence Church will be open for private prayer:

Wednesdays from 10.00 am – 12.00 noon

Funerals can still take place with up to 30 mourners (dependant on the size of the church), but Weddings and Baptisms cannot take place)

We are endeavouring to keep in contact with you all through various platforms and by offering online services and prayers.

All our online services can be viewed by visiting our YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Keeping in touch

We now have the ability to send out messages via WhatsApp - Please add "01242 244 373" to your phone book. Send a WhatsApp message giving your full name NOTE this only currently works for WhatsApp - not text messages and don't forget to join our email mailing list.

Information regarding funerals:

Due to the current guidelines from the Church of England regarding funerals, and also the guidelines of the Crematorium, we ask that you all remain at home as per the Government guidelines and light a candle at the time of the funeral as listed on the News sheet and say a prayer (see below). We are offering all families who have lost loved ones at this time a memorial service in the future if they so wish. Please also remember at this difficult time for many the families and friends who are mourning loved ones, as well as the Funeral Directors who are dealing with arranging funerals under difficult circumstances and the clergy who are supporting those in mourning.

Dear God,

Thank you for (name), for all that they meant to me and to others.

I so wanted to say goodbye, to be alongside my friends and family.

Help me to know you are there,

Holding all my hopes,

Holding all those I Love, especially (name),

And holding me this day.

Be close with your peace and hope.


Loving God,

Life is so strange just now – I don’t know what to do.

Comfort me with your presence,

Be with all who grieve

And give us strength and courage to face this and all the days ahead.


God of love,

Surround all those I love,

Especially those I can no longer meet.

Be light in my darkness,

Be hope in my fear,

Be love in every moment,

And give me grace to face each day ahead.